Sheer Gym Etiquette: Don't Drop Your Weights

Seriously, if you’re not using 200-pound dumbbells, you have no place dropping your weights. Free weights can be dangerous when wielded by inconsiderate gym-jerks. No, that hot chick that just walked behind you doesn’t think you’re a badass for almost crushing her foot with a 40-pound dumbbell. Yes, everyone notices when you do it and they don’t appreciate it.

Do everyone a favor and set down your weights gently. Not only does it encourage good form and control (Rule #4 in the Rules of Gaining Muscle Mass), but avoids the need for a bunch of gym-goers to rat you out to management or find you in the locker room or parking lot to inform you of their disapproval for your dangerous behavior. Follow proper Sheer Gym Etiquette and don’t be a tool.

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