Do you know which core muscles are which?

Developing your core muscles doesn’t simply provide you with the “6-pack” that everyone wants to have, it can provide you with the support you need to lift heavy weights, twist and rotate during athletic movements, and protect your back during exercise. Before you get to work on it, make sure you know how to recognize your core muscles.

Abdominal musculature is relatively simple when compared to the more complex systems in your back and extremities. Even so, if you want a truly functional 6-pack that will both support your trunk and look amazing, you need to work it from multiple angles. Use variations of the following exercises to blast your core muscles next time you hit the gym, and use the graphic above to help you identify which of your muscles are the sorest the next day!

Pecs Rectus Abdominis Obliques

Bench Press

Push Up

Suspended Butterfly

Dumbbell Fly

Floor Press

Sit Ups


Ab Wheel Roll Outs

Hanging Leg Raise

Leg Raises

Side Planks

Plank T Rotations

Kettlebell Russian Twist

Bird Dog

Mountain Climber

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