How to do the Suitcase Deadlift

The Suitcase Deadlift is an excellent deadlift variation that offers the same benefits of the standard Barbell Deadlift, but also allows you to use alternate implements like kettlebells, dumbbells, or hex bars.

Unlike the standard deadlift, the Suitcase Deadlift positions the weight parallel to your feet. This allows for a neutral grip position, which is a stronger position for people to lift in most cases. It follows many of the same lifting cues as the standard barbell deadlift except for the adjusted hand position (as shown above). To find out everything you need to know about the standard deadlift, read The Deadlift: A Comprehensive Guide.

Add the Suitcase Deadlift to Your Program

The Suitcase Deadlift can enhance your standard deadlift by increasing your core stability and grip strength. Try adding it on your next deadlift day. Do 5-10 reps for 3 rounds before or after your standard deadlift set and see how you feel afterwards.

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